What is the Average Budget of a Church in Tarrant County, Texas?

Members of the Northeast Unity Church in Tarrant County strive to live according to the principles of Jesus Christ of Love and Truth, as taught by Unity. CTC youth leaders are responsible for training the next generation of church leaders and helping their young people through difficult times, all with small budgets and without much paid staff, if any. Estimates suggest that there are more than 50 CTC churches in any given year, of various sizes, types and geographies. These churches successfully participate in mission trips and annual projects for young people outside the CTCYM structure.

Each budget item is funded by Connectional Mission Giving (CMG) sent by local churches to the conference. The conference has the opportunity to expand youth ministry training and development events, youth ministry and scholarship camps, while offering an enriching and quality missionary experience every summer. This will increase the number of local churches that have the opportunity to participate. Having three district level specialists available to help local church youth leaders will provide more opportunities for churches to develop stronger discipleship within dynamic youth groups.

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