Exploring Historic Churches in Tarrant County, Texas

Tarrant County, Texas is home to a rich history and culture, and its churches are no exception. From the Old Broadway Baptist Church to St. Mary's Parish School, there are many historic churches in the area that have stood the test of time. The story of Tarrant County's churches begins with Joseph Clark and his sons Addison and Randolph, who founded Add-Ran College in 1873. This college would eventually become Texas Christian University.

One of the oldest churches in the area is Lonesome Dove Baptist Church. This church was founded in 1855 and is still in operation today. In 2018, it celebrated its 150th anniversary with a time capsule containing a list of 100 items on seven typewritten pages. Another historic church is St.

Patrick's Church in downtown Fort Worth. This Neo-Gothic structure was designed by Sanguinet and Staats, two renowned architects of the time. The Church of Mary of the Assumption was built in 1908 at the intersection of Magnolia and Jennings Avenues. This modest structure was built in the middle of a residential development on Southside.

In 1956, Father Damian Wewers was responsible for getting a set of bells for the church tower. These bells were originally manufactured for the Sacred Heart Church in Münster, Texas, but due to an error in the design of that church, they were never installed or purchased. The Tarrant County website has materials that document local and state history, including images of businesses, cemeteries, churches, courts, law enforcement officers, monuments, bandits, schools, Native Americans and the first pioneers of Tarrant County. With an emphasis on the cultural heritage of Tarrant County and North Texas, they house thousands of items. Tarrant County is home to many historic churches that have stood the test of time.

From Lonesome Dove Baptist Church to St. Patrick's Church to the Church of Mary of the Assumption, there are many places to explore and learn about the area's rich history and culture. While Tarrant County's website has materials that document local and state history, it is always best to consult official records when relying on information contained within these pages.

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