Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Community Initiatives To Address Homelessness


A little change can make big change possible. Annual drives collect quarters to help formerly homeless people in supportive housing units have something we all take for granted: clean clothes. In 2012, we collected over $4,500 in quarters. That’s around 3,000 loads of laundry that made it possible for residents in Directions Home and Shelter Plus Care housing to go to job training, job interviews and jobs in clean, presentable clothes. Appearance matters when you’re looking for work. Clean clothes are a necessity.

One Clean for Quarters recipient wrote a thank-you note:

"Dear Tarrant Area Community of Churches - Thank you for providing laundry money for my family. Until we received this help, I was washing our family's clothing in our bath tub. My son has health issues that make it really important that his sheets and towels and clothes are sanitized. Being able to wash them on hot in a washing machine and dry them in a dryer bring me peace of mind."

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